Open Space Music Fest 2014, Wilmington Delaware

Sept. 21st, 12-10pm at Bellevue State Park

Inside the huge Figure 8 Barn at Bellevue State Park

---Buy your tickets now because it never rains inside!---

Tickets Limited!

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We have an all-star line up this year featuring artists from all over the country.


Tickets are limited!

A Word...

...About Twin Lakes Brewery

We are thrilled that Twin Lakes Brewery is sponsoring our 2nd Annual Open Space Music Fest. Not only do they craft exceptional beer, but their company philosophy of sustainability, adherence to tradition, and respect for the land is the perfect fit for our Fest. Every aspect of their production process, from where they get their water to how their beer is packaged, is carefully and thoughtfully considered for its impact on the environment. We are proud to have them as our sponsor.


Band Start Time
Sarah Flynn Noon
Danika Portz 1:00 PM
New Sweden 2:15 PM
Marc Silver 3:30 PM
John Flynn 4:45 PM
Johnny Gallagher 6:00 PM
Grace Weber 7:15 PM
Cheers Elephant 8:30 PM

Schedule is subject to change


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Bellevue State Park

Wilmington, DE

Bring your own seating!

Parking is $3 in-state, $6 out-of-state, free with a parks pass

Worried about missing the Eagles game?

Worry no longer because we'll have the game playing at the event. That way you can support your team, and open space -- at the same time. Congrats to you for being so efficient.

For Vendors

Register to become a vendor

Please send an email to with the subject line "Music Fest Vendor" with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your business's name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Address

  • Website (if applicable)

  • a description of the products that you'll be selling.

View Terms & Conditions

1. The 2nd Annual Open Space Music Fest will take place on September 21, 2014, from 12 Noon until 10 PM. This event is indoors, so there are no rain dates .

2. Vendors must bring their own table and everything else they need to set up their display.

3. Table vendors (as opposed to food cart vendors) may not sell food or drinks. Vendors must disclose what they are selling on the sign up form, and only those items will be permitted to be sold the day of the Fest.

4. Booths must be occupied at all times during festival hours. One assistant is permitted, but all booth attendees must be at least 16 years old.

5. Vendors must pay the $6 entrance fee to the park. ($3 for in-state residents)

6. Vendors must have their own insurance; Bellevue State Park and Save The Valley, Inc. will not be responsible for any theft or damage to displays or mechandise.

7. Vendors must bring only one vehicle to the Music Fest. Parking will be in very short supply. Electricity can be provided in the Figure 8 Barn, but we cannot supply extension cords.

8. The Figure 8 Barn at Bellevue State Park will be open for setup on September 21st from 8AM until 11:30AM. In the event an assigned space is unoccupied by 11:45AM, Save The Valley, Inc. reserves the right to give that spot away . Trash and recyclables must be deposited in designated receptacles only.

9. No refunds can be offered to vendors once payment is made.

Questions? email:savebeavervalley324[at]gmail[dot]com

For Sponsors

Your sponsorship of The 2nd Annual Open Space Music Fest is vital to the effort to save Beaver Valley! Thank you!

Our sponsorship levels will break down as follows:

Robert Redford ($100) - Your name and logo on this website.
Aldo Leopold ($200) - Robert Redford level + logo and name on all communications.
Teddy Roosevelt ($300) - Aldo Leopold level + logo and name on our event t-shirt.
John Muir ($500+) - Teddy Roosevelt level + hang your banners at fest + microphone promotions.

All sponsors will have their logo placed on our ticket purchasing site, vendor sign up page, our tee-shirts, all communications, and our facebook page. If you have a banner or sign, we will hang it or post it in prominent location at the Fest.

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